Julie Dzerowicz, M.P. (Davenport, Ontario)

LPC Member of the Standing Committee on Finance

Julie Dzerowicz is the first female Member of Parliament to represent Davenport, having first been elected in 2015, and re-elected in 2019. She currently sits on the House of Commons Finance Committee. She is also the Chair of the National Immigration and Refugee Caucus, the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas, Co-Chair of the Canada-Mexico Parliamentary Friendship Group, Co-Chair of the Canada-Portugal Parliamentary Friendship Group, Executive Committee of the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group, Chair of the Canada – Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group, and Vice-Chair of the NATO Parliamentary Association.

Julie is the child of immigrant parents who fled their respective countries due to poverty, war and discrimination, and who came to Canada to find a safe place to raise their children.  Through her parents, Julie learned the importance of hard work and education as a means to achieving one’s full potential. Through political leadership and community engagement, she is using all her talents and skills to give back to the country that gave her family a new home.

The core value that is at the heart of everything Julie does is equality.  She believes that everyone is equal and should be valued and loved equally. Julie also fundamentally believes in equality of access to opportunity.

During the 43rd Parliament, Julie is proud to have introduced the first guaranteed income bill in the House of Commons in Canada—Bill C-273—An Act to Establish a National Strategy for a Guaranteed Basic Income. If passed, the bill will enable basic income implementation pilots on a large scale in provinces and/or territories across Canada. The success of these pilots will help the federal government understand how best to implement a national program across Canada.

A strong feminist, Julie likes to not only be a strong voice and advocate, but also likes to get things done. For a list of her accomplishments as an MP please see the Key Issues and the Accomplishments section of this website. You are also invited to view videos of Julie speaking on behalf of Davenport residents in the House of Commons.

Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, Julie spent more than 20 years in increasingly senior level positions in banking and biotechnology. A long-time passionate environmentalist, she co-founded Project Neutral in 2010, an environmental organization dedicated to helping individuals and communities reduce their carbon emissions.

Julie received her MBA at the University of British Columbia (completing the degree at the London Business School) and her Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University. She speaks conversational French and Spanish and is working on her Portuguese!