Steve Meldrum CLU, CFP

Corporate Insurance Specialist, Swell Private Wealth

Steve is the insurance guru at Swell Private Wealth Ltd. He’s a contrarian by nature and loves getting into the weeds of tax. The lion share of his prac­tice is training accountants how to properly structure insurance solutions and products for corporations and estate planning. He helps you crush tax both now and in the future for your high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. When there’s a challenging problem to solve, he dives all in to bring value to the table.

His approach is direct, clear and clarifying as he believes in rowing the boat of strategy towards the client’s end game goals. He obtained his Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge and studied international finance at the Universidad de Panamericana in Guadalajara Mexico.

Over the years, Steve has become an authority within the Canadian insurance industry and is a frequent contributor to industry publications and events. He believes that simplicity brings clarity and seeks to answer tax, estate and legacy complexities through this lens.