Marty McConnell

Partner, Creaghan McConnell Group

Marty McConnell is a partner with the Creaghan McConnell Group (CMG). With more than 25 years’ experience in the insurance business, Marty brings to CMG’s transition planning process a unique combination of technical expertise and passionate commitment to their clients’ success. He has a highly developed ability to get things done – Marty and his team move CMG’s clients’ plans from idea to action.

As managing partner of the Delivery phase of CMG’s unique process, Marty collaborates with clients and their advisors to determine the best plan for their individual circumstances that meet their goals in the most cost-effective manner. He designs appropriate insurance solutions and reviews these solutions with the clients. Since CMG clients are entrepreneurs, they always need to know how they can adapt their plans to changing circumstances. Marty devotes particular attention to the issue of flexibility in the future, in case the need to change a plan ever arises.

Marty and the delivery team have created a variety of breakthrough tools to streamline the product acquisition process: CMG’s Closed Auction Process is a unique system that assures competitive pricing from insurance companies, and their Net Cost Model is a framework for obtaining “lowest net cost” solutions.

Marty is a graduate of the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario (H.B.A., 1982). He has contributed widely to his industry and community – he served as President of the Toronto Advocis Chapter (1995) and is a Charter member of CALU.